Interview at Fajr Film Festival

Amin Palangi, director of “Love Marriage in Kabul” believes that love stories are always fascinating. According to the public relations office of the 34th FIFF, festivals provide opportunities for meeting prominent cinematic figures from [...]

Top 5 Persian Films

With the Persian International Film Festival back this week, we speak to director Amin Palangi about the 2014 highlights and his personal all-time favourites. The Persian International Film Festival returns for its third outing [...]

ArtsHub review of Screen Transfusions

Writer, producer, director and mentor Amin Palangi concludes a stellar year of achievements with the Screen Transfusions program at the Information and Cultural Exchange in Parramatta. Screen culture producer at the Parramatta-based Information and Cultural [...]

Vivid Sydney: Image Makers

Explore the portfolios of outstanding visual communicators and hear the stories behind some of our most inspiring creative works, events and publications.

DigiDiaries: Empowering Stories

 Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) works with Western Sydney communities on arts projects, often with a focus on technology, and their latest screen project is DigiDiaries. Muslim youth from Western Sydney were provided with [...]